I, Amanda J. Capper, own a domain.


I must be important. I must be influential in my community and respected by all who know me, because I have my own domain.

During the 2012 Bloody Words conference it was impressed upon all wannabe writers that we should sell ourselves. Join FB (done. Twice. One personal and another for my writing colleagues), Google plus (done), Twitter (done…now I have to buy a fancy phone, I would think), Pinterest (done, though I never heard of it) and Linkedin (done).

Hardest part was coming up with something witty for my profiles. Words failed me. I’ve never been so discouraged with my writing as I have lately in my efforts to become popular. And who is going to edit this site? What if, after too many peppermint schnapps shooters, I decide to blog something horribly distasteful and politically incorrect?

I’d have to blog an apology. That could take me weeks to find the words. When am I supposed to find time to finish my WIP?

Good chance this piece of nonsense will stay private forever.


A great story, written about cops by a cop. A must read and I’m so happy to share.

don of all trades

The tension in the air was palpable.

It always is, but it’s worse when the weather is so unbearably hot and the air is thick with humidity.

Twelve police officers circled around a slick suited detective in a vacant parking lot discussing their entry strategy.

At twenty minutes before 5AM, the hope was that the target would be asleep, along with anybody else who might be inside the condo.

What’s inside the condo?

You’re sure about the target?








People other than the target?


Anything else?

Dogs. The target has a couple of huge dogs. Rottweillers I think.

The snitch has told them all that he knows.

He’s a drug addict, yes, but he’s been reliable in the past. He gets paid for information, but the information is always good.

The snitch says that the target plans to kill a rival drug dealer…

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