I, Amanda J. Capper, own a domain.

I must be important. I must be influential in my community and respected by all who know me, because I have my own domain.

During the 2012 Bloody Words conference it was impressed upon all wannabe writers that we should sell ourselves. Join FB (done. Twice. One personal and another for my writing colleagues), Google plus (done), Twitter (done…now I have to buy a fancy phone, I would think), Pinterest (done, though I never heard of it) and Linkedin (done).

Hardest part was coming up with something witty for my profiles. Words failed me. I’ve never been so discouraged with my writing as I have lately in my efforts to become popular. And who is going to edit this site? What if, after too many peppermint schnapps shooters, I decide to blog something horribly distasteful and politically incorrect?

I’d have to blog an apology. That could take me weeks to find the words. When am I supposed to find time to finish my WIP?

Good chance this piece of nonsense will stay private forever.

8 thoughts on “I, Amanda J. Capper, own a domain.

  1. it’s a trap: both blogs and Facebook are traps because they eat away at your creative time — though I still do them but nowhere near as much

  2. Yes, the sell yourself thing. Authors never used to do that. That was part of what the publishers did. And your right, it takes away from writing time. You have to hire an eager young researcher to do that part for you!

  3. I think the promotion, social network thing is a full time job. You definitely need someone to keep up all the pages and all the posts for you. Seriously you could spend hours just updating all the social media sites, even if they do have sharing capabilities.
    I don’t know what half of them are either.

    • I couldn’t even remember my password, it’s been that long since I’ve been in here. And I tried to comment on your site but couldn’t because I had to know the password. Finally figured it out. Keep saying I’ll get back to it but making a living interferes. An excuse, but a good one.

      • You needed a password to comment? I’ll wonder why that is. Have to see if I can have it removed. I’ve been on all morning just roaming all my social media sites and adding and commenting. It consumes time!

      • You can comment using Google account as well….used to be able to comment as anonymous but that gives way to trolls. Did you get my email about your arrival gate at gatwick? Gate and time would be handy, so I don’t have to go look for your old email. Lazy that way. Just tell me when and where I have to be to meet you 😊

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